What is  ‘a torté‘ ?

Based upon looks, there seems to be no difference between a torté and a cake. However, though they are extremely similar, there are a few differences between these two gourmet desserts that make them separate from one another.

And when it’s down to tortés, we can deliver all kinds, shapes, sizes and tastes – from a light and creamy ones, based on mascarpone cheese to truly traditional based on buttery cream as our grandmas used to do, in never-ending variation of taste and colour.

For kids as well as for a more grown-up audience – with a splash of specially selected alcohols to break the sweetness with that specific, traditional ‘zing’.  Fitting almost every occasion from Christmas, through birthdays to Holy Communions or maybe an Engagement party.

Maybe you would have a specific idea or shape in mind?

Or maybe You would like to ask us about details and ideas we might have for you?

Whatever the case – get in touch and we will do our best to help!

😀 Please see below for a selected few examples of our tortés,  😀